Our Philosophy

We are inspired by art and heritage.
We celebrate the diverse backgrounds that unite the world as one.
We share the same history, timeless and memorable.
We are at one with nature.
We are mindful and conscious.
We are Nemozena.

Nemozena stems from the philosophy that garments should transcend fashion and ignite the radiant, feminine goddess within.

Our designs are inspired by art and nature. Authentic, elegant and unique, just like the Nemozena woman herself.

She is a woman that deeply values her heritage and lives in true harmony with the diversity of the world. It is through the many facets of her life, both past and present, that we are inspired to create the most timeless, yet modern pieces.

Our Muse

Nemozena gained inspiration from the ancient Greek goddess, Mnemosyne. As the goddess of memory, she was considered one of the most powerful and philosophical goddesses of her time. Her memory was one of great strength which powered the energy of the universe and the cycle of life.

Mnemosyne was referred to as “the mother of the muses” as she had nine daughters, all who were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. These daughters were described as having ‘one mind with their hearts set upon song and their spirit free from care’.

She was such a prominent goddess that the river in the Underworld, Hades was named after her. The Mnemosyne river flowed parallel to the river of ‘forgetfulness’ Lethe. Those who drunk from the Mnemosyne river were able to reconnect with their past and regain their forgotten memories.

Our Lyre

The lyre in the Nemozena logo refers to the same universal heritage that the Mnemosyne goddess embodies. As the most ancient and universal musical instrument in history, the lyre represents many ancient cultures and has been used over history to connect with the inner power, and cultural roots. The Nemozena lyre is a constant reminder to go within and reconnect with your feminine chords.