spring Summer 2021 Virtual Fashion Show | Nemozena

Nemozena SS21 Avatar Show presentation during Milan Fashion Week – September 2020
Nemozena SS21 Avatar Show presentation during Milan Fashion Week – September 2020

NEMOZENA presents Spring Summer 2021, a celebration of the natural world and its magnitude of the texture, pattern and complexity that make up our organic landscape. Versatility and functionality are embedded at the heart of each theme, reflecting the beauty of flora through a sartorial eye.

The brand presents their first virtual fashion show; a digital sartorial experience in real time. The SS21 collection comprises over 40 complete outfits, all modelled and animated using innovative 3D software. The experience features over 750 GB of content, created using polygonal models, textures, procedural shaders and video frames. In total, 55000 frames combine to create a 35 minute long video in which the Nemozena collection comes to life in a surrealist world. This virtual show features a backdrop of eight landscapes, from De Chirico paintings to deserts and futuristic imagined locations. This groundbreaking experience serves as a startling reminder of the reality of this unprecedented moment in time.

This season NEMOZENA have evolved their offering to include a new innovative plant-based fabric. Crafted from vegetable polyester extracted from soy, these innovative fibres are married with the brand’s signature Italian craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability whilst retaining their core DNA.

Transformability, Reversibility and pocket ability are an integral part of the NEMOZENA spirit, putting functionality on a par with style. From detachable sleeves to added decorative elements, we believe in going beyond what a traditional fashion garment might offer. Our unique Reversible concept reimagines the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Outerwear that packs into a compact pouch becomes a staple for the frequent traveller. Through flawless construction and innovative design, transformable designs offer endless versatility while the Travel Edit was made for the modern woman on the go. Think lighter luggage, easier travel and a more sustainable approach to any wardrobe.